Welcome to the Practice of
Doctor Gunita Jolly

....... your English General Practitioner in Paris.

The practice is located on the west side of Paris, within the
Institut Hospitalier Franco-Britannique
3, rue Barbes,
92300 Levallois-Perret

Doctor Gunita Jolly

General Practitioner, Adults and Children
Trained at Guy's Hospital, London
Appointments: 01 46 39 22 00/36
Mobile: 06 26 92 76 68
Email: gunitajolly@wanadoo.fr

The practice welcomes a new doctor

Doctor Denise Gunoy is a French general practitioner who offers appointments in both French and English for general medicine (adults and children), childhood vaccinations and travel medicine. She is a designated physician for United States and Canada visa medicals.
She replaces Doctor Jolly on Mondays and during holidays.

Le Docteur Denise GUNOY est médecin généraliste française qui consulte en français et anglais. Ses consultations sont pour médecine générale (adultes et enfants), vaccinations pour enfants et médecine des voyages. Elle est médecin désigné pour le visa médical des Etats Unis et du Canada.
Elle replace le Docteur Jolly les lundis et pendant les vacances.


Our Practice Philosophy

We are committed to improving the physical and psychological health of our patients and providing continuity of care. We provide care based on evidence-based medicine, using treatments that are proven to work in a scientific way. We provide family medicine in a hospital setting; therefore we have access to facilities such as laboratories, X-rays and on site specialists available for immediate advice and consultation.


Location: Institut Hospitalier Franco-Britannique, 3, rue Barbes, 92300 Levallois-Perret. (Click or scroll down for details on how to get on here)

Making Appointments

Basic Contact details: Email: gunitajolly@wanadoo.fr Direct line (During consulting hours): 01 46 39 22 36 / Mobile: 06 26 92 76 68

The best way to make an appointment (except for USA immigration) is to use the on-line booking service Doctolib

You can also make appointments by 'phone to the IHFB Appointments Number: 01 46 39 22 00

La meilleure façon de prendre rendez-vous (sauf pour l'immigration aux USA) est d'utiliser Doctolib

Vous pouvez aussi prendre rendez-vous par téléphone : 01 46 39 22 00

Appointments for Canada medical visits

The best way is to
If you unablet to book on-line, try the switchboard - 01 46 39 22 00.

Please also see the page

Les rendez-vous pour les examens pour le visa et l'immigration Canadienne.

Le meilleur façon est de
Sinon téléphoner au 01 46 39 22 00.

Veuillez voir aussi la page

Appointments for USA medical visits

Appointments for the medical examinations for US visa and immigration purposes MUST be made via a special Internet appointments system. They CANNOT be made through the switchboard or through Doctolib.

The completed medical file remains valid for 6 months if normal. You must repeat the medical visit and exams if you have not had your US embassy immigration appointment within 6 months of completion.

For information about your USA immigration medical appointment and how to reserve please visit this page:

Les rendez-vous pour les visites médicales Américaines

Notez qu’il faut prendre rendez-vous pour la visite médicale pour le visa et pour immigration aux USA uniquement en ligne via un système spécialisé. Il n’est pas possible de le faire ni par téléphone, ni par Doctolib..

Le dossier médical complet reste valide 6 mois si normal. Il faut répéter la visite ainsi que les exams si vous avez votre entretien à l’ambassade plus que 6 mois après la visite médicale.

Pour toutes les informations au sujet de la visite médicale et le mode d'emploi du système de résevation veuillez vister cette page :

Consulting Hours

  Dr Denise Gunoy
Tuesday  14:00-19:00  Dr Gunita Jolly
Thursday AM   09:00-13:00  Antenatal Clinic for IHFB
Dr Gunita Jolly
(Basic SS conventioné tariff)
Thursday PM   14:00-18:00  Dr Gunita Jolly
Friday  09:00-17:00  Dr Gunita Jolly

Appointment Details

The best way to make an appointment (except for USA immigration) is to use the on-line booking service Doctolib - including the Thursday morning obstetric appointments

Appointments are for 20 minutes; should you require more time than this, please book a double appointment.

Please bring all relevant medical records to a first visit.

Should you need to cancel your appointment, please let us know well in advance so that your time can be allocated to another patient. A cancellation charge may apply if you give less than 48 hours notice.

Please note that the Thursday morning Doctolib appointments are covered by the Sécurité Sociale, but that you must be registered to give birth at the IHFB to benefit from this. All other obtsetric appointments outside Thursday mornings are private and charged at Sector 3 non-conventionnée rates.

If you are having difficulties obtaining an appointment, please write to our email address: gunitajolly@wanadoo.fr

You can ring for advice during consultations and if it is not convenient to discuss your case I will call you back. The best way to get non urgent advice is by email.

Please appreciate that when calling for an appointment, the secretary also takes appointments for other Doctors in the hospital. At busy times it may take a few moments to deal with your call.

Surgery Location and Access


The surgery is located within the Barbès site of the Institut Hospitalier Franco-Britannique (previously known as the Hertford British Hospital) in Levallois-Perret, which is on the west side of Paris.

Institut Hospitalier Franco-Britannique
3 rue Barbès
92300 Levallois-Perret

Telephone contact numbers
01 46 39 22 22 (switchboard)
01 46 39 22 00 (appointments) or use
01 46 39 22 36 (direct line, during consultation hours)
06 26 92 76 68 (mobile)


By car: See map below. 

By metro:  Anatole-France (line 3):  5 minute walk to the Hospital

By Bus:  Buses 93 and 174 stop just outside the hospital.

Medical Services

Personal, confidential consultations in English

An interface between you and the French medical system - Dr Jolly is a native English speaker, and her patients generally like to consult in English. After several years working in the hospital, Dr Jolly’s French is perfectly fluent, which may be of help to those patients for whom French is not their best language. Even with a good command of French, all patients have different expectations of health care. Dr Jolly can help her patients manoeuvre through the complexities of the French medical system.

Referrals - We have a network of specialists whose command of English is proven, and who have a good track record of communicating with our patients. We provide our patients with a letter in French, explaining the medical problems and examinations already performed, whenever appropriate.

Confidentiality and standards - All patients’ files are confidential. We feel very strongly about providing a high standard of medical treatment and continuity of care. A file is made for every patient and will remain in the practice to provide a reference for all related problems.

Our services offered

General Medicine

Our role is to diagnose and treat general medical problems. We act as gatekeepers to specialist services by referring patients, when appropriate, and continuing care after the specialist consultation.

Screening and health promotion

Health promotion is a very important part of the consultation. We give advice regarding lifestyle, diet, exercise, physical and psychological well-being. Medical check-ups are available and can be booked directly with the Doctor concerned.

Pregnancy – pre-natal and early antenatal care

Safe pre-pregnancy planning is vital to a healthy pregnancy. Advice and examinations relating to prenatal care are available. Once you are pregnant, we provide antenatal care and help you choose the right place for your delivery. We can help you to register with the Institut Hospitalier Franco-Britannique's (British Hospital) Obstetrics department. Ideally this should take place within the first few weeks of your pregnancy. If accepted at the IHFB, you can be followed by us throughout pregnancy with full coverage by the Social security.

Travel medicine and vaccinations

Vaccination schedules and anti-malarial advice is offered to all travellers. Please consult as soon as your trip has been planned to allow time for the relevant vaccination course.

General Paediatrics and childhood vaccinations

Children's medicine from simple ear, nose and throat symptoms to diagnosis of unexplained symptoms. Vaccinations are available within the French system or in accordance with the schedule in your home country. Dr Gunoy is available on Monday mornings to give childhood vaccinations.

Gynaecology and family planning

English GPs are trained and experienced in the management of gynaecological, obstetric and paediatric problems. In most cases, you would not need to consult a specialist. We provide contraceptive advice and regular gynaecological examinations including cervical (pap) smears. We routinely treat non-surgical gynaecological problems including menopausal symptoms and have on-site access to examinations such pelvic ultrasound and cervical cytology examination.

Dr Jolly's Medical Background

Medical Studies

Dr Jolly is a British trained Family Doctor (General Practioner / Médécin Generaliste).

Her Medical degree ( M.B.B.S) is from Guy's Hospital, London, and she has a postgraduate diploma in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (DRCOG) and also a masters in General Practice medicine (MRCGP).

Experience in England

Following her degree, she worked in London teaching hospitals in Accident and Emergency medicine, Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Psychiatry and General Medicine.

Following her postgraduate qualification, she worked for 2 years as a partner in a busy GP surgery in Blackheath, London. There she had a personal list of around 2000 patients and worked with 3 other Doctors to provide a high standard of primary care.

Experience in Paris

On moving to France to join her husband, she initially worked for 2 years at the British Hospital in the surgical and medical wards to improve her medical French.

After learning the nuances of the French medical system and getting to know all the staff at the British Hospital, she was invited to start a practice for English speaking patients.

In 1998, she established her private consulting rooms within the premises of the Hertford British Hospital of Paris. Here she has the advantage of having immediate access to all the facilities of the hospital, such as the Laboratory, Radiology, Obstetrics and Gynaecology treatment rooms, as well as specialists on site for immediate advice and consultation.

Other Experience

Dr Jolly has worked for the French office of a large International Medical Assistance company for 11 years. She therefore has experience of handling hospitalisations and repatriations for patients who fall ill whilst travelling.

Dr Jolly also regularly teaches courses in Medical English to groups of French Doctors, run by the post graduate department of a Paris medical school.

Dr Gunoy’s Medical Background

Dr Denise Gunoy is a general practitioner, who studied medicine at University Paris VII Denis Diderot. Her GP training included paediatric consultations, gynaecology and Internal medicine. She has an interest in Travel Medicine and Paediatrics.

The French Healthcare System

Register with a general practitioner (Médecin traitant)

In France, since 2005 you must register with a general practitioner (Médecin traitant) to be maximally reimbursed by the Social Security for your appointments, further examinations and specialist referrals. You can register with Doctor Jolly

Payment and reimbursement

Patients must pay their doctors directly at the time of the consultation by cash or by cheque (Dr Jolly does not accept credit or debit cards) and will receive a receipt for the French Social Security (Feuille de soins) or a receipt in English for private insurance purposes.

In France, a doctor can be either conventioné or non-conventioné.

For the Conventioné doctors, there are two sectors:

Sector 1 doctors have a fixed rate of consultation defined by the Social Security (e.g. in 2017, 23 euros for a general medical appointment) of which 65% are reimbursed by the Social Security. Of the 23 euros the Social Security always keeps 1 euro that is not reimbursed.

Sector 2 doctors can charge different rates (honoraires libres) and only the first 23 euros are reimbursed by the Social Security at the same rate as Sector 1. The remainder is normally covered by private health insurance (variable).

Sector 3 include non conventioné doctors who are also free to set their own fees (honoraires libres) and these are reimbursed very minimally by the Social Security, but are generally reimbursed (up to 100%) by top-up health insurance (e.g. a mutuelle or private insurance). The rate will depend on the specific insurance coverage for which you have opted.

Dr Jolly is classified as a Secteur 3, nonconventioné Doctor. She was invited to set up practice at the IHFB hospital due to the important role she plays as a medical practitioner in coordinating between different health systems. This is why she has the status of ‘Médecin Généraliste Specialisé’.  Please note however that all Dr Jolly’s and Dr Gunoy’s prescriptions for medications, laboratory tests, x-rays, scans, etc., are reimbursed at the standard rates for the conventionés sectors 1 and 2.

If you have no French social security or mutuelle, your private medical insurance will reimburse you on the basis of a 'pay and claim' procedure and we will complete the relevant forms necessary for reimbursement.

Telephone Numbers

Principal Emergency Telephone Numbers

112 European-wide Emergency number – if you are witness to or involved in an accident or simply do not know who to call. They will redirect you to the appropriate service.
15 SAMU Centre (Service d'Aide Médicale Urgente). Serious emergencies - to get an emergency medical team to come in a life-threatening situation, or to be redirected to an on-call medical care team.
17 Police intervention
18 Sapeurs pompiers (firemen/paramedics) Fire, accidents and medical emergencies. Apart from fire emergencies the pompiers are also there for problems like cardiac arrests, severe breathlessness and choking.
114 Emergency number for people with hearing difficulties to be helped and redirected to the appropriate emergency services 
ENT and Eye emergencies
Dental emergencies:  for an on-call dentist
Psychiatric Emergencies or
Poison control (Paris)
Cardiac Crisis helpline
SOS Suicide prevention
Racial discrimination (Victim and/or witness) 114
Red Cross
SAMU Social for social emergencies e.g. homelessness 115
Severe Burns (lesgrands brûlures)
Child Burn Center, Hôpital Trousseau
Adult Burn Center, Hôpital Cochin:
Pediatrics emergency at home (Paris)
Child abuse information  119 or
SOS Incest information
SOS Missing children information 116 or
Drugs and Alcohol
Drug Tobacco Alcohol Crisis Centre  113 or
Drug Overdose Centre
Alcooliques Anonymes 24-hour AA
SOS Battered women information
Viol Rape information;
Domestic violence (Victim and/or witness) 3919
Birth Control, Abortion, STDs information

24 Hour Pharmacies

Pharmacie des Champs
84, av des Champs Elysées, 75008 Paris
Métro: Champs Elysées-Etoile:
Pharmacie de la Poste
26, rue de Paris, 93100 Montreuil
Métro: Croix-de-Chavaux:
Out-of-hours Pharmacy (Pharmacie de garde)
To find the nearest pharmacy open near to your home, telephone: 3237

SOS Help Line

English speaking support service in France

SOS Help is a listening line in English, confidential, anonymous, non-judgemental and non-denominational. Trained listeners are available every day of the year from 3pm to 11 pm. If you are lonely, depressed, under stress, or just need a listening ear, call  01 46 21 46 46.
Want to help? Visit www.soshelpline.org, to see how.